Return & Exchange Policy

If the customer is not completely satisfied within 10 days of purchase, please return the merchandise to us for an exchange or a credit note. NO REFUNDS. 

The customer is responsible for ALL shipping, taxes and handling fees.

If you have any further questions you can contact our customer support team at our email

What to do

The best way is to properly store your jewelry in the original jewelry pouch that comes with your order. This goes for all types of metal. While it is appealing to display your ArmCandy MTL pieces, oxygen in the air may cause oxidation and tarnishing of the gold and sterling silver.

Another way to care for your ArmCandy MTL Jewels is using the microfibre cloth that was included in your order, it is gentle and effective. Once a month, you may use the cloth to maintain the luster of your pieces or if you notice any areas looking dull or darkening.

If you notice your jewelry appearing dull, clean your pieces under warm water with mild soap for 30 seconds once a week. Pat dry. Please avoid using abrasive fabrics to dry your jewelry rather use a paper towel.

What to Avoid

Please be aware - that natural oils from our skin , as well as skin PH serve as factors that can affect the appearance of your jewelry.

Please avoid exposing jewelry to chemicals such as fragrances, lotions, skin care, hairspray, harsh/medicated soaps and shampoos, sunscreen, chlorine or any items containing sulfur. Chemicals react with the base metal and may cause your jewelry to tarnish or lose its luster. Please remove jewels if you believe they may be exposed to these chemicals. Rinse jewelry under warm water with mild soap for 30 seconds and pay dry.