Our Story

Bridgit Bienstock was born and raised in Montreal,QC. ArmCandymtl was founded by her in 2017, with the idea of creating simple and attractive pieces of jewelry that would act as a companion to women when they want to look their best day or night.

Bridgit started her career in interior design and eventually created BKB Interiors. Despite her career as an interior designer, her love for jewelry was always there. That love started when she was a young teen by her mother , who at the time, owned and operated the high-end costume jewelry store Ylang-Yalng in Downtown Montreal. That exposure and her passion to create beautiful things became the inspiration that is today ArmCandymtl.

Bridgit’s vision for ArmCandymtl is to foster a line of jewelry that is affordable and timeless. The uniqueness of her collections is that they can be worn casual during the day and then make a statement at night.